What’s in My Weekend Carry On

I am beyond excited to spend the weekend at Universal Studios in Florida. We bought our 2 day park-to-park tickets weeks ago and I have been ready to go ever since. I’ve wanted to live at Hogwarts for over a decade and I can’t believe I’m finally going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I am not even attempting to reign it in and have purchased a couple more Harry Potter tees/tanks to wear at the park, lest anyone confuse why I am there.

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We’re spending the weekend in Florida and then Monday morning are boarding a 4 night Disney Cruise with my extended family. I’m planning ahead and packing my carry-on for the weekend and my checked bag for the cruise that way I only have to sift through one piece of luggage at each destination. In the carry-on I’m packing 2-3 day-time outfits for the parks and 1-2 nighttime outfits that can all be mixed and matched. I’m also packing a bathing suit, cover-up, and flip flops because our hotel has a pool. I’m bringing a pair of sneakers for the parks and sandals for night. I am making a concerted effort to pack light for the weekend because I am the most diligent over packer on the planet aside from my mom.

Check out what I’m packing, which will be especially enjoyable if you’re an HP fan.

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Husband Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide

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I love putting together stockings for people. I grab a medium hot chocolate from Dunkin and wander the aisles of Target, Home Goods, and Kohls searching for little items I can cram into a giant red sock. Our stocking gifts as kids were always wrapped, so I’ve continued that tradition too. It’s fun to open a bunch of little things and prolongs the excitement of Christmas morning.

The past few years I’ve put together a stocking for my husband. I pick up little things here and there and before I know it the stocking is full! To save you some shopping time, here is the Husband Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide.

Target Harry's Grooming Gift Set Dicks Wireless SpeakerTarget Gloves White No Shadow

LL Bean Pajama Pants  Capital Gaines   Best Buy Roku Streaming Stick

Duke Cannon WhiteTarget Slippers   Dicks Swiss Army Knife

Nordstrom Scarf           Best Buy Fit Bit 2         Walmart Madden '18

Harry’s Grooming Gift Set, Audio Wireless Speaker with Earbuds, Leather Saddle Gloves, Flannel Pajama Pants, Capital Gaines Book, Roku Streaming Stick, Duke Cannon Soap, Muk Luks Moccasin Slippers, Swiss Army Knife, Striped Scarf, Fit Bit Flex 2 Activity Tracker, Madden NFL ’18 Video Game

Target, Dicks, LL Bean, Walmart, Best Buy, Duke Cannon, Nordstrom


Surviving Holiday Stress

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…most of the time. But, there are bound to be days when the chaos gets a little too overwhelming, the pressure starts to build, and you contemplate putting Bailey’s in your morning coffee one too many days out of the week. I love everything that goes along with Christmas: the shopping, the wrapping, the baking, all of the get-together’s, and traditions, and toasts to good fortune. That doesn’t mean from time to time that I don’t get stressed by any or all of the above. I imagine the stress increases Continue reading

Secret Santa Gift Guide – $15 or less

Secret Santa Gift Guide 50x50

Secret Santa gift shopping can seem like such a chore. You wander aisle after aisle at Target and Kohls, battle through crowds at the mall, and fall down the rabbit hole on Amazon oftentimes just to end up getting the person a Starbucks gift card. Don’t get me wrong, a Starbucks gift card is nothing to turn your nose up at, but the purpose of Secret Santa is to have a fun new gift to open. In my various Secret Santa ventures Continue reading

Target Thanksgiving Picks

Thanksgiving is one of the best low key holidays because your only job is to cook, eat, and watch football. There are no costumes to prep, presents to buy, or baskets to fill. It’s just a good ole fashioned stuff your face holiday. Sitting around a big table with family and friends reminiscing about the year and reminding yourself what you’re grateful for while referee whistles can be heard blowing in the background and grandma is inevitably critiquing the decision to put sausage in the stuffing is what America is all about. So, before Christmas officially takes over for the next two months here is a round up of my favorite Thanksgiving items from Target! Click the pics for more details or to purchase.

Pillow Revised      Small Plaid Pumpkin        Runner Revised Continue reading

Oven S’mores Remix

We have a ton of leftover Halloween candy at our house because we got way fewer trick or treaters than we were hoping for. Staring at our plastic pumpkin filled with fun-size goodness is oh so tempting, but even if we were to keep picking out a few pieces every day we’d still have a ton of candy way into the new year. I’m assuming I am not the only one with this problem! Here is a fun and simple recipe to use up some of that Halloween candy and create a dessert that can be shared with your family, co-workers, and friends…pretty much anything to get it out of your house and away from your belly.

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Continue reading

Five Minute Self-Care

It seems that the second the clock strikes midnight on November 1st the country shifts into official Christmas-mode. Decorations have been out in stores for weeks, Elf memes rule the internet, and Thanksgiving inevitably gets lost in the shuffle. I look forward to the holidays as much as the next person…planning get togethers with family and friends, Bing Crosby, wrapping presents…I’m into it all. However, the holidays can also be SUPER stressful! Pressure to find the perfect gift, bake all the cookies, and make it a magical season for everyone involved. Now, more than ever, it’s important to keep self-care in mind!

Self-care is not always easy especially when you feel like Continue reading