5 Shows I Can’t Stop Binge-Watching

Old School Pick: Gilmore Girls – I love me some Rory the college years. It was such a wonderful time. Lorelei is finally with Luke, Rory is an Ivy League badass, Emily finally becomes slightly more relatable. Super psyched for the 4 episode update special that has been rumored to be in production! I recently started binge-watching at season 5 and was late for work on multiple occasions as a result #priorities.

Feminist Pick: Girls – Lena Dunham has a lot of crazy going on. Have you read her book? Than you agree. But, she is a production genius. The show is uncomfortable, hilarious, and relatable. It’s a realistic version of Sex and the City (another binge-worthy series) that doesn’t throw around false expectations such as being a weekly columnist with a few novels who’s able to afford a one bedroom in uptown Manhattan and a new pair of designer shoes each week. Thank you Lena for giving it to us straight.

Watch It With Your Man Pick: House of Cards – It’s hard to say who draws in more attraction: Kevin Spacey as a sexy, corrupt politician or Princess Buttercup as an incredibly fit, independent, environmental mogul. Seriously, those legs?! Mercifully when the show returns in the spring they’re releasing the entirety of season 4 at once. Glad I saved my vacation time.

Need To Laugh Pick: Veep – I adore Julia Louis-Dreyfus and the character that she’s created in Selina Meyer. Shes petite, powerful, and swears like a sailor. I watched the first 4 seasons in 8 days and binged so hard that I dreamt about it. I of course also love the #girlpower of its portrayal of female politicians and staffers kicking ass and making change.

Classic Pick: Law and Order SVU – Has the show been the same since Stabler retired? No. But Olivia is still out there chasing down rapists and putting rich politicians in their place. Not to mention all of the awesome work that Marsika Hagtitay does in her free time for survivors of sexual assault and domestic abuse. Fortunately, this show plays in constant re-runs on multiple channels so you can always get your Detective Benson fix.

It wasn’t until I proofread this post that I realized the common theme here is strong female characters. What can I say, I like what I like.  


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