Rainy Day in the Big Apple

For months and months, and maybe years, my husband’s bff has wanted to take him to the restaurant in NYC that “has the best burger in the country!” Or is it the world? Either way, this fancy burger has been the talk of many a discussion and we finally set a date to go into the city and judge it for ourselves. The reservation was set for the evening so we went in early to wander around the city and have some fun. We noted the forecast of rain several days ahead of time and started to research some indoor options.

You know you’re in a happy marriage when your husband suggests, “I found this museum you’re really going to want to go to on Saturday and it’s free!” and you in turn say, “I found this bar you’re really going to want to go to on Saturday and they have old school arcade games!” Turns out we were both right and experienced the best of both worlds. Due to the rain and knowing that we were going to make multiple stops on the way down to Greenwich Village we opted for the subway. I spent a year living in the city after undergrad so I have a pretty easy time navigating the system. It’s also a super easy subway map to master. If you have feared it in the past, fear no longer.

Our first stop was at the Fashion Institute of Technology Museum which is indeed free and had 2 fun exhibits: denim and fairy tale. We then had lunch and played multiple rounds of Ninja Turtles at Barcade (which also has an establishment in New Haven). The rain had lessened so we decided to walk a bit and find either alcohol or cupcakes, but instead we found a great book store called bookbook. It had, seemingly, one of everything. A truly great selection. We popped into what we thought was a local dive bar but was actually a comedy club prior to the comedy set. We spent an hour in The Grisly Pear waiting for our friends (my aforementioned husband’s bff and his lovely wife) who were joining us for dinner. The drinks were cheap and the bartender was friendly so it was a win win.

Finally, we got to the main event, Minetta Tavern. Founded in 1937 and sporting the best burger in the universe. Our friend got us one of the best seats in the house, the cushy half circle booth in the back, so we got a great view of all the goings on. We even sat next to a celebrity (cough Julianna Margulies cough). The food was out of this world, as were the cocktails, and the burger was as delicious as promised.

Overall we had a great day, despite the rain, and are already planning another Saturday to go in and walk around for the day taking pictures and enjoying springtime in the city.


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