New Haven Pizza – My Heart and Soul

I am what you could, and maybe should, call a pizza aficionado. I am fortunate enough to have grown up in the Northeast where pizza is given the respect it deserves. The downside of having such a developed pizza palette is that anytime I am anywhere that is not the Northeast holy hell is it difficult to find a good slice. I lived in Indiana for 4 months and Virginia for 2 years. I found pizza that was passable, meaning it looked like pizza and was in fact bread covered in sauce and cheese, but it was a far stretch from what I have grown accustom to. If you have never experienced the ecstasy and joy that is New Haven pizza please, I beg you, put down that Domino’s menu, get in your car, and drive however many miles it takes to experience all that pizza is supposed to be and more. Allow me to break down my top 3:

  1. Modern Apizza – My ride or die. Thin crust, sweet sauce, big slices. Their pizzas are made in a brick oven, because duh, and often have burnt edges. LOVE. Word of advice: do not ask the waiter to ask the cook not to “burn my pizza.” You will not be happy with the aggressive New Haven response. Their pepperoni pie is the way to go btw.
  2. Bar – You have not lived until you have experienced a mashed potato pizza from Bar. Do the white pie with mozz, mashed potato, and bacon and then come back here and thank me. This exact pizza is shown below. Half with bacon and half without. Reason number 57 not to go places with vegetarians…
  3. Pepe’s – When people think New Haven pizza they think Pepe’s, and with good reason. They’ve been there forever (since 1925) and offer picturesque thin crustt oblong pizzas. Their white clam pizza is especially delicious. Which, incidentally, is also improved with bacon. They have satellite Pepe’s in various locations now, but the ambiance in the New Haven restaurant is superior.

**Share your favorite local pizza place in the comments to #supportlocalbiz**

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3 thoughts on “New Haven Pizza – My Heart and Soul

  1. Pepe’s Pizza is amazing! We LOVE their white arugula pizza, it’s what we get very time! Modern Pizza is also a favorite. And if you’re willing to venture a little outside of town, Tonino’s in Hamden does an amazing white hawaiian. 🙂


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