Local Makers Gift Guide

Today is Shop Small Saturday and the biggest day of the year to shop local and support small business. I love Target as much as the next person, but I make an extra effort every year to buy some unique products from local makers. Connecticut is a small state, but we have a ton of small shops and local business owners who pull out all the stops to make their products top of the line. Many of them make their items by hand to add that extra special touch. I am highlighting eight of the best local CT makers today in this one of a kind gift guide!

Local Makers Gift Guide.png

Payne and Comfort Socket Sack, Artsmith Shop Family Recipe Plate, North Detail Home Towel, Burly Stone The Dude Soap, Emma Lyn Designs Custom Clutch, TheTwoOhThree Embroidered Cap, Emmy Starr Designs Bracelet, Say It Is So Sign

Meet the Makers

Payne and Comfort – This company creates various products geared toward total comfort. Hand warmers and socket sacks in fun patterns, cozy scarves, and essential home decor pieces help to make up this diverse makers product line.

IMG_3932  IMG_3719  IMG_3850 IMG_2095

Artsmith Shop – This local artist creates custom-designed platters, ring dishes, utensil holders and more to combine art and practicality for the perfect piece for your home. She draws or paints custom designs or portraits and can transfer beloved family recipes or handwritten notes onto pottery making them meaningful keepsakes.

recipe plate  ring dish margo  oceancliff  utensil holder 6 in

North Detail – This company  features curated tabletop and home decor to help you make your space feel warm and happy. Beautifully scripted dish towels and drinkware, printed napkins and office supplies, and more provide the perfect backdrop for everything from dinner parties to date night.

Home Towel Couples Mug Set  Bon Appetite Napkin Set    Farm Salt and Pepper Shaker

Burly Stone – This company creates handmade toiletry products to include soaps, hand balms, beard elixirs, and solid cologne. This is no average toiletry company. They offer BIG bars of soap with a variety of unique scents that include cedar, campfire, beer, leather, and so many more.

BurlyStone_DudeSoap BurlyStone_ChefHandBalm  BurlyStone_TravelerSoap  BurlyStone_CasanovaCologne

Emma Lyn Designs – A company that offers handmade, one of a kind, custom designed accessories. They feature bold patterns and bright colors allowing you to be organized in style. Each item is available in various patterns and can be customized per the customers request and even monogrammed!

north shore clutch_preview.jpeg  gold monogram_preview  animal print key fob_preview  buffalo plaid_preview

TheTwoOhThree – A homegrown start-up company that was started by a brother-sister duo with a BIG passion for their home state. The Two Oh Three is named after CT’s first area code, but the company has fun and festive Connecticut gear that are perfect for all CT locals!

Hats.png  15443094_1286522171404320_3857393847223650555_o  P1010409.jpg  Jersey 2.png

Emmy Starr Designs – A local jewelry maker who creates beautiful one of a kind sterling, gemstone, and beaded pieces. She focuses on making jewelry that is comfortable and easy to wear, but also versatile. Her pieces make the transition from work day to night life a breeze.

lapis_sodalite bracelet  wonkey heart necklace  grey pearls  multi hammered teardrop earrings

Say It Is So – A company that creates handmade and hand painted home decor inspired by natural elements. They offer everything from signs to pillow cases and beautiful seasonal pieces. Custom orders will be available again in the new year and gives you a chance to work one on one with the designer to create the perfect new piece for your home.

FullSizeRender  FullSizeRender (1)  FullSizeRender (2)  FullSizeRender (4)







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