Bathroom Face Lift – Round 1

Before we moved into our house in April I had made a massive and comprehensive list of all the changes we were going to make. Painting walls, ripping up carpet, digging out flower beds, replacing counter tops, tearing down the old basement kitchen…and then we moved in and everything went out the window. We got almost everything unpacked within the first week and then our motivation to make changes dwindled and we just wanted to enjoy the new house, sit around on the porch, and deal with any necessary improvements as they came up.

In the Fall I decided to take a small step to personalize the house a bit more and gave our bathroom a little face lift. I had big plans to attempt to paint the tile because as you’ll see in the pictures below it covers the bottom half of the walls and is kind of a difficult color to pair things with. However, after watching several YouTube videos and scouring Pinterest for advice I decided to just work with what we have. I prefer more color than neutrals typically, but decided to bring in more neutrals than I normally would and add pops of color so it didn’t look funky with the powder blue tile.

I knew I wanted to stay within a pretty low budget because there are a lot of other improvements we do want to make down the line and the bathroom was not the first priority. It was however the smallest space in the house so I felt pretty comfortable that I’d be able to tackle the project and finish it within the week.

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Minor Updates

1. Painted the walls, ceiling, and original 1950’s vanity a brighter white. The walls and ceiling were previously a faded yellow-y white and the vanity was powder blue that matched the tile. I used Sherwin Williams color Snowbound in a satin finish.

2. Replaced the crappy light switch plates, shower curtain rod, and curtain rod with brass plates and a brass rod that match the drawer pulls on the 50’s vanity.

3. Added pops of color: white shower curtain with bold colorful print, white canvas print with pastel image, pastel hamper, and live plants for some color and freshness.

Things That Went Wrong

1. The painters tape removed the coating on the outside of the medicine cabinet and cabinet above the toilet so I had to buy some of this tape from Amazon to try and patch it the best I could.

2. The paint on the ceiling over the shower has started to bubble…not sure what can be done about that.

Plan For Additional Updates

1. Replace the horizontal blinds with a pull down blind and add a curtain to the window.

2. Add a set of three framed images on the wall to the right hand side of the shower and a small mirror to the left of the vanity.

3. Find a good spot to put a towel rack because our towels don’t dry well on the hook over the door.

Before Pictures

After Pictures


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