Behind the Scenes with Jewels by Durrani


We got the inside scoop from Jewels by Durrani owner and creator Durrani Popal, star of the reality show Dash Dolls, on how she started her own business. Durrani provided insight into her inspirations, her drive, and what keeps her motivated to keep growing her business.

Classy Ladies: When did you start your business?
Durrani Popal: The idea for Jewels By Durrani came early this year and the website launched early August 2015.

CL: What was your inspiration for starting your own business?
DP: I’ve been extremely interested in fashion and accessories from a young age, something that got stronger during my schooling at FIDM. Working in fashion/retail under the Kardashian Empire at DASH helped me strengthen my desire to expand my career in fashion and develop my own jewelry line.

CL: How did you get the business started?
DP: A lot of planning and networking. I became friends with two other designers and we decided to form JBD together. Working first hand in a fashion retail store in Hollywood helped me become more familiar with current trends and popular styles. I also got tons of inspiration from my beautiful surroundings to create my own pieces. Once everything was put down on paper, we got started on production. With hard work, we were able to create a full line, manufacture pieces, and launch the JDB website in less than a month! I’m also proud to share that JDB pieces will be featured in boutiques like DASH in less than two months.

CL: How did you get the word out about your business and grow your clientele?
DP: Working at the DASH store and being featured on episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Kourtney and Khloe Take Over the Hamptons has helped get my name out there. I always want to give my fans and followers on social media a glimpse into who I am, and they’ve already eagerly responded to Jewels By Durrani by spreading the word to friends and buying their favorite pieces. Social media and networking are a big part of my personal and professional success so I make it a point to directly reach out to followers and bloggers.

CL: What are your social media go-to’s?
DP: Instagram, Instagram, Instagram!! Did I mention Instagram? This is my favorite social media platform. I do have a Twitter and Facebook but I enjoy the interaction and feedback on Instagram the most. The other DASH DOLLS show off their favorites pieces on their feeds and it’s so cool to see the buzz that JBD is creating. Followers can enter JBD contests too by sharing and liking.

CL: What is your inspiration for new pieces?
DP: GOLD, dainty and timeless. It’s the main inspiration and theme behind the JBD line. Gold, including rose gold, has made a huge come back within the last few years and we based this line off of it. I also directly incorporate things that I love and am inspired by. I’ve added personal touches like nods to my middle eastern background with name plates written in Farsi and the “evil eye” symbol, a huge influence on the entire line.

CL: How do you stay motivated?
DP: Working first hand in Hollywood and retail really drives my desire to be successful with my jewelry line. I’m always looking to my favorite classic and chic brands for ideas and motivation. My partners and I know we have what it takes to be at the top in the jewelry industry and we are hungry for it .

CL: What are some of your favorite pieces?
DP: Absolute favorite pieces at the moment are the Arabic Name Necklace and our DOLL LIFE Necklace. We LOVE the Arabic Name Necklace for the reason that it is so unique and mysterious. The Arabic/Farsi language writing is extremely appealing to the eye making it a perfect accessory piece. We love that idea that you don’t have to be Arabic to have one. It’s a great conversation piece. “Oh what does your necklace mean?”…We are also going to offer a variety of other language necklaces so people can represent themselves through our pieces. Our Doll Life necklace holds a special place in our hearts because it is a design that we thought up ourselves. There is nothing like it on the market and we take pride in our one of a kind pieces. It combines my DASH DOLL background and personal life goals and dreams into one piece.

CL: What is some advice you have for other women who are new, or hope to be, business owners?
DP: Don’t get discouraged. Creating, building and growing a business takes a lot of time and patience. There will be days where you just want to give up and work a typical desk job, but I must say the rewards as a business owner are immeasurable. One email or comment from a satisfied customer goes a long way to us, it makes every bad day worth it. Don’t give up.

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